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  • “Viajar es sentirse poeta, es escribir una carta, es querer abrazar...”  
    Gabriel García Márquez
    escritor colombiano
  • “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
    Henry Miller
    American Writer
  • "A viagem não acaba nunca. Só os viajantes acabam. E mesmo estes podem prolongar-se em memória, em lembrança, em narrativa...O fim de una viagem é apenas o começo de outra."
    Jose Saramago
    escritor português


When you think about founding a travel agency, lots of questions come to your mind. In our case, many of them were promptly solved, thanks to the fact that some of our founding partners already have extensive experience as entrepreneurs in the Tourism Industry. One of them, however, gave us a real headache- and that was the name of the company.

First of all we had to decide the language, and it was not easy. A name in Spanish seemed the logical option- we are Spanish, and we try to promote Spain, but then, our visitors come mostly from abroad so it could be better to choose English… but why not French, or then again Spanish, thinking not only about Spain but also Latin America…”Charmed” came up like the perfect solution, an English word with latin origins, almost identical in French, and well known in Latin America where “charme” is used as a synonym for elegance and style…

We like to think that our travels represent all the possible definitions of charm: the attraction, the elegance and grace, and- why not- the magic. With Charmed by Spain, every tour is unique, and made up of the singular elements that our client chooses: the destinations, the experiences, the duration, the lodgings… we craft our tours with the care of an alchemist mixing a potion, and only the customer can tell us what his heart desires.

What are you looking for? A love potion?-A romantic stay for two, a potion against boredom or routine?, or maybe something more powerful, something that takes you from your comfort zone and reveals a truly unknown landscape and a truly new self?…just tell us what you dream of, and we will help you to make it true.

charm noun (ATTRACTION)
[C or U] a quality that makes you like or feel attracted to someone or something
charm noun (LUCKY OBJECT)
[C] an object or saying that is thought to have magical powers, such as the ability to bring good luck

Why Choose Us

A new way to travel

Your journey, your decisions. Visit the destinations that you find the most appealing. Live the experiences that really excite you. Travel at your own pace and leisure. We will design your tour to accommodate your wishes.

World Class Service

We work for you. We will be in permanent communication with you. We will take care of any necessity or resolve any doubt or question before, during, and after your travel. You are the reason why we are here.

Best Experiences

Paraphrasing the song, we get by with a little help from our friends; and our friends are the best: the best luxury hotels and exclusive accommodations, the best Michelin-starred restaurants, the best private luxury transportation, the best experts and guides...

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